My Github Projects

LED Numbers


Every time I learn a new programming language, there's an application that I always build.
And's not your regular "Hello, World!" but something a litte bit more complex.

It's a LED Numbers app -:) Basically you enter a number a get a LED number in return.

So far I have used 45 different programming languages...could do more but not every programming language is suitable or I lack the knowledge :( the link for the repo -;) LED Numbers


Rook on Heroku with graphic capabilities


I needed this for a project that I was working on that involved Amazon Alexa, HANA Cloud Platform, PhantomJS, Heroku and R (Read it here).

The were another projects on Github but none had graphic I grab the best of them add my own -:)

Here the link for the repo -;) Rook on Heroku with graphic capabilities


The Blagchain


The Blagchain was built using the Crystal Program Language and the web framework Kemal with a little help of Bootstrap and JQuery.

It's a Blockchain clone, build for educational purposes only. I doesn't implement everything, as it just scratches the surface of what Blockchain really is...

You can read the blog post here The Blagchain

Here the link for the repo -;) The Blagchain